Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hoya dasyantha or Hoya fungii?

I normally got hoya cuttings from friends or bought them from roadside vendors. The cuttings, therefore, always come without a label and so all my hoyas are NOIDs. My common practice is to search the internet to find out the names of my plants, if possible. And when they bloom, I seek confirmation from members of the Hoya Forum on GW.
This one plant got those people confused. I thought it was Hoya fungii but then it was identified as Hoya dasyantha. And I took it as Hoya dasyantha.

It bloomed again these days and again, it got those people confused! Some say it's Hoya fungii, others say it's dasyantha!

Of course it's nicer to know its real name. But whatever it is, it still is a pretty hoya!


lynn'sgarden said...

Hi, Hoyas are new to me...I've seen them in nurseries but never tried them. The blooms look to last a long time? Does this one have fragrance? Funny that you've got the experts stumped as to correct cultivar! The mystery volunteer in your last post...could it be a toad lily..tricertis(sp.?) The blooms like like orchids but they are hardy here and the new growth looks like my plants...

Hà Xuân said...

Hi Lynn...hoya blooms look 'fake', don't they? Normally, the blooms would last about 1-2 weeks, depending on the cultivars. Most hoyas smell very nice, like hot chocolate. In fact, some of them have very strong that some people complain too!
They are easy to grow and bloom. Maybe you should try? Oh oh... be careful, you might become addict like you did with daylilies!
Toad lily? I don't know them. Will google to see their images.