Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It rained so much yesterday

We are 'officially' in the rainy season for it has rained every afternoon nowadays. But yesterday, oh mine, 'it didn't rain but it poured'!
My gardens were filled with water, up front and in the back.

When the rain let up a bit I had to run out to turn on the bump to get rid of the water and to take a few shots for here.
I always love rain. We Asian people believe much in feng-sui, and according to feng-sui, I 'belong' to the Wood group. So I feel fresher, healthier, happier... when there's water around me! LOL! I guess all people would feel the same, don't they?
But one thing for sure, when it rains I'm dry because I don't have to water the plants. Otherwise, I'd be all wet hosing plants in my gardens, especially that the hoses are broken and my husband can't seem to find the time to replace them for me!

PS: I found a lone bird on the top of a tree. Perhaps he/she was waiting to join their friends somewhere after the rain.


Kris said...

That's some rain, indeed. No wonder everything always looks so green and lush in your pics. Last night it got down to 31F and everything FROZE. The birds are walking across the birdbath and trying not to slip on the ICE. Good thing I covered all my new annuals, vegetables and tender perennials with old blankets. I hope all my sprouts are doing OK under there. Still too early to remove the covers....

Hà Xuân said...

Yes, Kris, we often have downpours like this during the rainy season.
Good grief, you have winter weather in May?! I understand why you've made the hoophouses, they should be in good use now.
When are you clear of 'danger of frost'? It's already mid-May.