Monday, June 1, 2009

White parade

Returned to Dangiatrang yesterday and was greeted by these white blooms.
First, two of those amaryllis that I got from DD have opened their blooms. While I was hoping to have Picotee or Lemon Lime, what I got is some varieties that look like Dancing Queen.

Since the bulbs were quite stressed and have shrinked considerably, I decided to cut off the flower stalks to save the bulbs energy for next year performance.
Then the Hoya multiflora. All the buds, except three, have opened fully. The umbel now looks like a group of shooting stars. Very splendid, indeed.

And finally, the Brassavola nodosa orchid. This season I have three blooms on the plant but the new growth which producing these blooms is not as big as those old ones. Perhaps the plant needs more nutritions. I must remember to feed it regularly from now.

Feel so happy!


lynn'sgarden said...

Wow, that amarylis makes me think of a big white daylily! Your plants are so unusual and this hoya (they DO look like shooting stars!) and the nodosa orchid. Is it fragrant?

Hà Xuân said...
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Hà Xuân said...

Lynn, the orchid smells very nice. A friend gave us a small division last year and it has bloomed twice in my care, although it hasn't grow very well.
The amaryllis is a bit disappointing because it was mis-labeled! Well, mis-labelling happens all the time in the amaryllis world.
Thanks for your comment.