Sunday, May 10, 2009

Selecting rocks for my succulent bed

I've always wanted to plant a succulent bed in my 'cool' garden but never knew where to start. I've spent many hours searching and looking at photos of various C&S gardens but everything seemed "too distant" from what I wish to have.
So I posted a question on GW and got very simple, easy-to-do steps. I now feel full of confidence to start my project.
I must first of all get some big rocks. Where? Ah ah... I know where!
Several years ago, we had a water feature down here. It looked very pretty first done.

But we eventually could not keep the feature working well because the water we used was from the river, full of dirt and debris, so it clogged the bump frequently. Now, there's a pile of big rocks lying idle there.
My husband won't go to Tuysonvien with me until a while yet. That means I will have to hand-carry these rocks up myself.
So I went out, selected just a few mid-size rocks which I can put into my carry-on for my next trip up Tuysonvien.

I bet the coach people might swear when they lift my carry-on! It's heavy, I tell ya, but I will try to manage. It's all for my love of plants.
Stay tune for the finished project when I'm up to Tuysonvien next week. I hope it will look nice.


Kris said...

You filled your luggage with ROCKS??? LOL That is the funniest thing I've ever heard. Omigosh you sure better tip the porters! I just can't stop laughing.... This is going to be a fun project to watch on your blog. :-D

Hà Xuân said...

Hahaha... Kris, I know you guys would laugh! Actually I have a "hard-cover" carry-on (hope you know what I meant by "hard-cover"...) which I use to transport things up and down. I normally fill it with potted plants, cuttings, fertilizers, foodstuff... etc. It has wheels, you know, a proper it won't be difficult moving along pavements/sidewalks. But, surely, the porters will help put it up or down from the coach luggage compartment... and sure, they would be surprise. I remember a similar incident when I was in Massachusettes back in 2001 - my luggage was very heavy (but it wasn't filled with rocks then, hihihi) and the coach driver swore when she helped me put in onto the coach to go from Framingham, Ma to Hartford, Connecticut!
I do usually tip the pick-up/deliver driver from the coach company when he picks or takes me home. Thanks for reminding especially this time.