Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ten days later

After waiting anxiously for ten days, this morning I spotted my 'so-called' Hoya flat-stem has decided to open its first bloom!
I really don't know why it took so long or, maybe, it was just the way it should be. This is the very first glimpse of the bloom. Obviously, it's not 'flat-stem' but it's one of those Hoya multiflora/javanica clones. Will check with GW to confirm its ID.

I expect I will see the full umbel by the end of the week???
My husband just informed me yesterday that the other one in Tuysonvien was loaded with buds, too. Hopefully next week when I'm back up there I will witness a grand opening!


lynn'sgarden said...

Hà Xuân, I really enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning. I can now put a face to your name! you look as nice as you sound in words...and your home(s) and gardens are beautiful. The country-side seem so peaceful and green. And you are growing my favorite flower, daylilies! I am amazed you started them from seeds..something I had no success with last summer. And the seeds I stored over the winter shriveled up in the fridge :(
I am not familiar with Hoyas. I bet you are excited to see the others in full bloom. Have a wonderful weekend.
Lien Hong (my vietnamese name)

Hà Xuân said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for your kind words. Can you read Vietnamese? I bet you can speak to your mom in VNmese.
Hybrid daylilies are new in my garden. I'm so blessed to have them and I fear the rain might drown them so I still keep them in little pots inside. When I started the seeds I didn't think I'd get that kind of success. But wow, really... I'm blessed!
The 'species' daylily is rather widespread in Dalat. I hope these immigrants from Canada will flourish in my garden as well as their VNese counterparts.
The hoya has still not opened yet. Grrrrr...! Still watching it.
You, too, Lynn, have a nice weekend with your family.