Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My hoya "so-called" flat stem

I got two rooted cuttings of this hoya about a year ago and have been growing it in both of my gardens.Both plants grew well and produced a lot of peduncles. However, all the peduncles did not develop!Thinking the plants might like more light, I moved them to another location in the shade house where they could receive the light they need. Then I noticed that the peduncles have started to grow bigger and now one of them is about to bloom!
This hoya species is still rather rare and it has been going with the name "Hoya sp. flat stem" since its stem is flat, not round.
When I got the plants, they were mistakenly named H. multiflora for its up right stem and elongalated leaf form.
Now I'm excitedly waiting for the first buds to open to see how it is different from multiflora! Many thanks to the friend, who sent us the plants last year.

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