Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Keukenhof, with love

I got wonderful presents from our dear daughter who has just come back from Keukenhof: jumbo-size amaryllis bulbs, tulips, iris and a pack of seeds!

Although the best of the amaryllis lot - a double Promise - could not be saved, it was still a real delight to have these goodies.
I know they were picked with love. Thanks BQ. We're so proud of you!


lynn'sgarden said...

Hello Hà Xuân,
I left you a message under my comments but didn't know if you saw I tracked you down through Blotanical and here I am! Thanks so much for your kind words and, yes, you may use my photos, thanks for asking. I will make time to start your blog from the beginning to learn more about your garden. I am also Vietnamese and was born in Saigon! I've lived in the states for 40 yrs.(most Calif.) so don't remember much of my childhood. My mom visits every 5 yrs. or so and one of these days, I will go with her! Have you been to the states? It's wonderful to meet you so I'm glad you didn't keep your!
Those are wonderful bulbs you received! My garden is mostly perennials and my favorite plant...the daylilies! Have a wonderful day.

Hà Xuân said...
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