Friday, May 22, 2009

New succulent bed

The photo above is the succulent bed that I have completed today after consulting members of GW.
First I dug out the existing soil and added sand. Before adding the sand I lay newspapers at the bottom.

Then I placed the rocks I had prepared last week on the bed. After that I placed the potted plants on the bed to visualize how the bed would look like once planted.

Finally, I used the gravels to decorate the surface. This is the final look of my bed. Thanks to the inputs from GW.

I really like the look of it. The plants I used in the bed had been put outside in the rain for several months to 'harden of'. Now, let's see how they would behave.


NellJean said...

It looks great, Xaun. I'm able to comment on your blog! For a long time I couldn't.

My agapanthus is starting to bloom. Not nearly so lush as yours, but I have great hopes for next year.

lynn'sgarden said...

Your succulent garden looks wonderful! The pebbles really provide the finished touch. The only succulent that's hardy here for me is hens and are lucky to be able to have them outdoors year round. Have a wonderful weekend!

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks Nell. I'm glad that you can give me comments from now on.
Lynn, I wish I could have more of the 'earth-colored' gravels for the entire bed. Next time when I'm back at the place where I got the first bag of gravels, I'll get another bag to finish up this desert of mine.