Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My planters

This is one of the big, heavy terra-cotta planters that I brought up from our other home. This time I tried to keep to a color theme.
These two planters have blue-white theme. In them, I planted forget-me-nots and another plant (which I don't know the English name) for blue. For white, I had white petunias and shasta daisies. I also added some ivy for trailing effects.

After nearly a month, now the plants have started growing, but I guess it might take another month for them to completely fill in.
I also planted another big, heavy terra-cotta pot yesterday. This one has red-orange theme. I had a few wax begonias, 3 dwarf marigolds, 2 zinnias and a cosmos plus some ivy as well.

Nowadays we have light rains, off and on, during the day which is very good for the garden. I hope these planters will grow fast.
Oh, when weeding the flower beds yesterday, I found this volunteer. Does anyone know its name?

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