Sunday, June 28, 2009

More new additions

I had a friend visiting last week. We both spent much of our time working in my garden and hunting for plants together.
The results were a lot more succulents were added to my "desert garden" and an euphorbia flanaganii, a begonia, as well as a cute little pitcher plant to my container garden.

Also, my friend brought me some of her own plants from home. I've got this time, a fern and an airplant from her, not to mention some hoya cuttings I got last time when I visited her.

My friend is very crafty - she's made a little wreath out of the ivy I've had and some hanging wires for my tillandsias, too. Both looked so cute being hung at my back porch.

My friend loves cosmos, which she can't grow in her 'tropical' home. So I took a photo of her in front of my cosmos! They turned out very nice, don't you think?

What do you do when your "gardening" friends come to visit?


lynn'sgarden said...

That first one is a euphorbia? You have the most interesting collection of plants ;)and I love that ivy wreath but where is the soil hiding?? Sharing plants with's the best!!

Hà Xuân said...

I did check with people on GW and that's the ID I've got for the first succulent. In here, the VNese people call it "Octapus plant / Cây bạch tuột", perhaps by its look.
The ivy is "living" by getting humidity from the sphagnum moss attached to its roots, Lynn.