Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New pet plant

It's a pitcher plant. I don't really know the exact species/cultivar though.

The plant looks quite lush but many old pitchers have dried up, perhaps, due to the vendors not knowing how to take care of the plant properly.

According to information on the web, there're two (or three) species: low land, high land (and imtermediate). The plant I bought is low land, so I will keep it in my 'hot' garden.
The 'pitcher' is the swelling part of the central vine of the leaf which grows beyond the length of the leaf. There are many little "veins" at the end of the leaves on my plant so I expect there will be many 'pitchers" coming up.

I intend to multiply this plant by cuttings. But that can wait a little longer until I have learnt enough how to care for this kind of plant.

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