Thursday, June 18, 2009


I keep orchids in both in my 'hot' garden and my 'cool' garden. These days I have several orchids in bloom. Guess I'm having the best of both worlds!
Here're my brassavolas; the white one is B. nodosa and the yellowish brown is a NOID.

Brassavolas are faithful broomers. If kept in good conditions, each new growth will produce a spike having from 2-3 blooms. I especially like brassavolas for their delicate leaf form and blooms. Don't you think they look lovely?
I also have this cattleya blooming faithfully, too. This is a different kind of cattleya which bears 3-4 flowers on one spike. I personally prefer this type of cattleya over the other type which bears a single big, showy flower on its spike.

Then I have these species orchids. This one is called "Fox tail", perhaps due to the resemblance of the blooming stalk and the tail of the fox.

And last one is a totally NOID to me, I don't know even its Vietnamese name.

But named or NOID, these orchids are lovey. I guess I'm blessed with the right growing conditions for orchids. Do you grow orchids? Do they bloom for you regularly?


lynn'sgarden said...

These are beautiful! I especially like the cattleya. I do try my hand at growing orchids now and again but not very successful at getting them to rebloom. You are definitely doing something right as they are good performers for you :) Sorry, no help here with the NOID...

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Lynn.
While you can't get orchids to rebloom, your cottage-garden plants are to die for. I always drool over them.

YC said...

I am YC and got to know you (through posting in forum) from GCS and followed your signature to your blog.
The no ID could be vandopsis parishii

See picture below:

Love your blog. Nice.

YC from KL, Malaysia

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks for the ID, YC. Also thanks for the kind words re my blog.