Thursday, June 11, 2009

Now I know more about light

Although I've known all along that plants need light to grow and I've been giving them the light they need. But it's now confirmed to me even more what light can do to plants.
As you know already, I made a succulent bed outside in my garden about two weeks ago. Before planting the succulents in this bed, I have put them outside to 'acclaimate'; but still they were protected somehow from the harsh sun and torrent rain we normally have here.
Since they were planted in the bed and except for a few days at the beginning, I left them to nature. Of course I worried that they might get rot but still I wanted to see what would happen.
When I returned to Tuysonvien at the beginning of this week, the first thing I checked was the succulent bed. To my delight, all have been very well, except for a seedling gasteria. Moreover, some of them have acquired a new reddish tin thanks for the high level of light they got.

Then I found out, too, that my clivia was setting buds as well. This clivia has been kept in my shade house all this time. Last year, it bloomed in early May. This year, despite my 'checking' around, it didn't show any sign of buds. So I brought it outside. And this is the result of increased level of light.

But the most amazing thing is my medinila. Look how many bud tips it has after being moved out of the carnopy of a big tree in my yard.

Now I know more about the importance of light to flower induction in plants, definitely.


lynn'sgarden said...

Hà Xuân, good pondering here. The little things we take for granted, like sunshine, sustains life in all living things. Wonder if plants get depressed too without light for a few It sure did these plants alot of good! Please post the clivia in full bloom ok...I'm not familiar with that last flower though.

Hà Xuân said...

You're right, Lynn. I guess plants get depressed on gloomy days, like we do.
Sure will post photos of the clivia and medinilla.
Here's a link to some information regarding this plant.