Thursday, July 2, 2009

Updates on my pet plants

Just a little update on my pet plants so far.
First up is my tillandsias. I got these plants last year and had tried different ways to display them and was not happy. I wanted to be able to bring them inside and place them on my mantle so I mounted them onto a piece of driftwood. After some time being in a sunny location outside, they have acquired a nice red tin.

I feel much happier with their look now.
I have recently added another 'pet' plant to my collection. It's a pitcher plant.
This is the second pitcher plant that I have.

This second pitchy cutie is smaller than the first one I have. Its 'pitchers' are also smaller but they're red, whereas those on the first one, N. ventrata, are more greenish.

I'm also waiting for my order of two more pitcher plants and two more tillies from Thailand. It looks like I'm hooked to these cuties!


lynn'sgarden said...

Hi! Have been having trouble viewing your blog the last few days...finally, I made it!
That first photo is great! How did you attach them to the driftwood? And how are they watered...misting? I've had those air plants before and they never seemed to grow or do much..until they shrivelled up and went to plant heaven :(
That pitcher plant is cool in that it's red..I've not seen that before...Haha, I can see why you're getting addicted to them and ordering I just went to a daylily farm and collected MORE!!

Hà Xuân said...

Hey Lynn, I missed your comments on my blog! Actually, I've been having trouble log on to Internet, too. Don't know why.
I attached the tillies to the driftwood using florist wire. I leave the display outside, so it receives rain water when it rains. Otherwise, I just pour water on them... hehehe. Misting won't give them enough in our heat. Sometime, I submerge them in the bucket. Guess you didn't give them enough humidity??? Maybe you try again?
We are all plant-maniac, right. But what else is better to get hooked to than plants anyway? So, we won't quit, definitely!