Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My hoya blooms this week

Back to Tuysonvien this week, I found my Hoya pubicalyx pink silver is re-blooming for the first time since I bought it a year ago. Although there's only one umble on the plant this time, there're a lot of healthy new growths on it, so I hope to have quite a few more peduncles next time it come to bloom.

My H. multiflora, which was still in buds in my last visit, has now fully opened up. This plant is still confusing me with its true identity: I don't know if it's proper to tag it as H. multiflora or not since the Apodagis man has mentioned it could be Hoya lii!

And this is one of my H. carnosas, which I planted outside and being trained up a lattice. It seems to like its current place in the sun for it has produced 9 umbels! Show here are 6 on the lower part.

How I just love hoyas - their blooms are beautiful looking and oh so fragrant!


YC said...

I think there are some very nice native Vietnam hoya. Have you collected any?

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, most of my hoyas were collected from the jungles of Vietnam so I guess they are natives.

therese said...

ha xuan oi, hoyas hoa mau trang nay la loai nao vay? co phai la carnosa khong?