Monday, June 15, 2009

Dahlias blooms and Asiatic lily seedlings

I suppose I have learned a lot more from gardening this year than ever before.
In the past, from reading home and garden magazines, I understood that perienals are a class of plants that would live on and bloom for more than one flowering seasons.
Living in a tropical country, I rarely witness plants dormancy. In my garden, many plants flower, and then I cut off their stems for new shoots, and they grow and flower again, on and on for some time. My roses, fuchsias, dianthus, hydrangeas perform like that. These plants grow and bloom year round in my garden.
Last dry season, I noticed that all my dahlias were "gone" and I thought they were gone for good. But after a few rains, I spotted their appearance. And now they bloom.

In the same manner is the new Asiatic lilies that I got as blooming potted plants last Tet holidays. I suspected that they were bulbs but never did a proper research on their cultivation. I left them in the shade house, their pots and all, after they've done flowering. Several weeks ago, I noticed their new growths. I looked up information regarding this kind of plant and learned that they would do better in the garden. So I planted them there. This is how they are this week.

I will watch closely and see how these lilies turn out. If they do well, I might try to purchase different colors this Tet holidays to enlarge my collection.
It's amazing about how much you can learn with actual gardening as you go.

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