Thursday, June 25, 2009

A promising future

Thanks to suitable water and light, my plants have started setting buds.
This week, I found all the six offshoots on my Tillandsia cyanea spiking! What a show it will be when these spikes bloom.

I also found the Asiatic lilies I planted in the garden last month budding, too. How cool! I'm very excited waiting for these lilies to bloom. They will be my first lily blooms, but I will definitely plant more after these!

The buds on the clivia plant that I talked about in my previous entry have opened up. Its bright orange blooms are showing off against the dark green foliage.

Wonderful weather has done wonder to the garden! Really.


lynn'sgarden said...

I've never grown clivias but I've always loved them! May have to change this situation after seeing your beautiful blooms!

Mike said...

Hi Xuan, nice seeing you at lunch today. I'll bookmark your blog and take a look. Very beautiful photos.


Hà Xuân said...

Hey Mike, you're quick... hehehe! It was nice seeing you again, too. Thanks for visiting my blog.