Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nepenthes are pitchering - Hurahhhh!

It was my first time trying to grow nepenthes (pitcher plant) and I was worrying that I would kill them for not providing the right culture.
But luckily, all my 4 neps are growing well and pitchering nicely after trying to adjust themselves to the new growing environment in my backyard.
Nepenthes ventrata is growing robustly. It even produces a new growth at the base and this new growth is pitchering, too! The baby green pitcher looks so cute.

Nepenthes thorelli seems to be slow in recovering from the changes. All the pitchers that came with the plant dried up. But it has produced a nice new pitcher; unfortunately some culprit has damaged it. I figure, perhaps, a big ant while trying to escape the pitcher, has bitten into it and made the hole!

Nepenthes bicalcarata looks so handsome with its new pitcher, quite large. This is one of the two plants I bought from Thailand last month. Just love it!

And Nepenthes rafflesiana - the one with the biggest, spotted pitcher - is also catching up with two new, developing pitchers.

I feel so happy about all this. It proves that I can grow pitcher plants all right!


lynn'sgarden said...

I'm always amazed to see the interesting plants you grow there! I meant to comment on your daylily seedlings ealier. I was thinking maybe the cups are too deep for the 'roots' to get enough sun. If the shoots are still too 'grass-like' and you notice the roots aren't fattening up, then maybe more sun exposure to the crown...JMHO. Send me a picture if you can. I want you to succeed with these daylilies ;)

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Lynn. Since I'm now in Saigon, I will send you a photo or two of the daylily seedlings when I'm up to Dalat next week.
I've noticed that some of the seedlings are "fanning out", but they are still too small!

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