Friday, August 7, 2009


I always admire how gardeners elsewhere use grasses in their container planting. I wish I could do the same. But each time I tried a grass, it just took over the whole container!
This year, I have these two kinds of grass whose names I don't know, as always the case.
One has solid green leaves and tiny bell-shape blooms.

The other has white stripes and also similar blooms.

I intend to use these grasses in my next container attempt. What do you think?


Nell Jean said...

Those are very nice grasses and should look good in a container. Do you use the method of 'thriller, filler and spiller' or something thrillingly beautiful, a smaller plant like your grass to fill in, and a vine or other spiller to drape over the sides?

You asked me about Porterweed. It does not volunteer in my garden. I save cuttings over the winter. I tried seeds with small success.

Stephanie said...

Hello Ha Xuan, the blooms from the grass look nice! Are you in northern or southern side of Vietnam? Just wanted to know which climate you are in ;-) Have a great day!

Hà Xuân said...

Yes, Nell. I tried to apply the "thriller, filler, and spiller" principles. But my containers never look good enough, perhaps I didn't know how to combine for effect. I'm learning, though.
That porterweed is a real weed in my country. Wish I could send you a bunch :-o)

Stephanie: I live in Saigon, in the southern side of Vietnam but I garden in Dalat, a highland city with Alpine climate, 300km away. I travel back and forth every other week between our two homes just so I can enjoy my pastime.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

lynn'sgarden said...

Hey Hà Xuân! I've been missing your posts..on vacation with no internet access! Glad your succulents are doing great from the last post. I like these grasses with the white blooms, very pretty. They resemble loriope but the blades are wider so I would guess a type of mondo grass..if you want to try to pinpoint cultivar. Lots of catching up on reading tonight :)

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks Lynn. I missed your posts, too. So you've been on vacation! Good to have you back.