Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful sedum jelly-bean

I brought this jelly-bean sedum back from the US back in 2007.

At first I kept the plant in the shade house, the plant looked all green and lanky.

Then I moved it outside to get more sun. It turned to a dark chocolate color, and still looked lanky.

To improve the look of the plant, I trimmed off almost all the long growths and kept the plant in full sun. After several months, the plant has achieved this new look.

Beautiful, isn't it?


lynn'sgarden said...

Amazing how they change color! I'm hoping to build a little succulent garden next year and would love this little sedum. Hey, you've been tagged on my pressure, but I hope you'll join in :)

Hà Xuân said...

OK, Lynn. I'll run over to your blog now. Have been out of PC for a few days, you know.
Good luck with your succulent garden next year (wow, seem a long wait to me!). You will like them.