Friday, August 21, 2009

New bloomer

It's the ground orchid, with two spikes.

Once this orchid blooms, it can go on and on for several weeks, with one bloom opens one day and the next bloom on the next day, and so on. And buds continue to form at the tip of the spike.
I have 3 different kinds of ground orchid; a white one;

a purple one;

and the "blotchy" one. The "blotchy" one gives bigger blooms than the other two.

I planted these ground orchids in soil and treat them as other garden plants. They are quite easy to keep and bloom very regularly, not following a certain blooming season like other orchids. The white one blooms non-stop, you can hardly ever find it without blooming spikes!
Do you have ground orchids in your garden?


Stephanie said...

Ground orchid is amazing. I have a purple one only. It takes weeks to built the buds/flowers. But is it nice to watch how the flowers unfolds from one stem. Enjoy your orchids!

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Stephanie. So you have ground orchids, too. They're interesting, right.

lynn'sgarden said...

Beautiful! I recently found a perennial orchid that will survive outside in zone 6! Can't wait to see it bloom next year ;) Have a great day!

Stephanie said...

Oh I remember this post :-) TQ for reminding me earlier. Your ground orchids are awesome! Now I am convinced that I should give this orchid another chance. I am looking forward to seeing the plant to bounce back and bloom again;-)