Friday, August 14, 2009

The medium I use for epiphytic plants

I use a certain medium available locally to pot my hoya, anthurium, epiphyllum, and my holiday cactus.
The medium is a produce of the tree in the photo here. This kind of "tree" is abundant in our forest, so I guess it's renewable. But of course it may take quite some time for them to grow to size.

The tree then would be cut into logs.

The logs then would be cut into "slates" (?) for mounting species orchids. The photo shows the back of the mount and you can see the orchid roots went through the slate in this photo.

Those that are not big enough for slates would be chopped into something like this and used as potting medium.

When I buy this stuff, I would normally cut it into smaller "grains" (?) so that the roots of the plants can easily penetrate and attach themselves.
This stuff - chopped tree fern, or Dớn in Vietnamese - is very porous, in fact it holds no water except what it has absorbed.
My above mentioned plants love this medium. They grow and bloom for me regularly, even non-stop like my anthurium.
PS: This post is for Lynn.


lynn'sgarden said...

You are sweet to do this post for me! I see now! It's amazing how plants thrive growing in such a medium..very cool. How are your daylily seedlings doing, by the way?

Hà Xuân said...

The daylily seedlings are not doing very well, I still have them in 2" cups, in the shade house. I don't know what to do with them yet... I'm afraid they won't survive in the garden (without me around, that is). I've been feeding them with small dose of fertilizer to keep them going. And wait...!
Funny, a few seedlings died, and I let them be. And then they came back up, producing new leaves! Amazing isn't it?
Thanks for asking about the daylily. How about yours? Are they still on blooms? How long does their season last?