Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holiday cactus season

Maybe it's a bit early (?) for US people to see buds on their holiday cactus but over here, in TSV, all my potted holiday cacti are already in buds.

Every year, my cacti would give two beautiful showers of bloom, the first around beginning of Semtember and the second around November.

I have both Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus, although I prefer the former. I plant them in chopped tree fern and feed them once a month with Osmocote.
It seems these plants don't like the sun so I keep them, except one, in the shade house. The other one I place on my front porch which receives more sun and it turns red all over!

Here's a photo of last year's show, while we wait.

These are very faithful bloomers and easy growers. I really love them.


NellJean said...

I can hardly wait!

Hà Xuân said...

Me, too, Nell :-o).
Wish I could push it a bit but the hands on the clock just refused to run any faster!
Thanks for visiting.

lynn'sgarden said...

X-mas cacti don't do well for me, for some reason. I buy them full of buds and after the blooms fade, the plants never look healthy enough to keep. You have better luck it But Hà Xuân, what are chopped tree fern??

Hà Xuân said...

Well, Lynn. I will try to find a photo of the tree fern to show you. Please wait.