Friday, September 4, 2009

Seven things about me

My blogger friend, Lynn at Bestinbloomtoday, tagged me for this "seven things". I don't know if I can get seven things about me to talk about... hehehe. But here's go.
1. I love dogs. At one time, we have nine dogs at home. They were not all beautiful looking dogs but I loved them nonetheless. Now, I have four: three living outdoors and one indoors - Biam. Biam travels back and forth with me between our two homes every other week!

2. Like Lynn, I took shorthand courses, too, while I was working at a secretary for the US Armed Forces in Vietnam back in the 70's. I still can read shorthand, but I don't take notes in shorthand anymore.
3. I'm a fast typist, even back in the 70's when I had to use manual typewriter. My speed then was 60 WPM. And later with IBM electric one, I could make 120 WPM :-o).
4. I learned to speak American English via Archie Comics when I was a teenager. My favorite characters were Archie and Betty.
5. I got married to my husband when we both were in university, 39 years ago. We had our first-born three months before DH graduated!

6. I am the only child of my parents so is DH to his.
7. I retired last year.
I don't know many garden bloggers to tag them, though. So this entry is purely to introduce myself to other friends who happen to visit my blog.


lynn'sgarden said...

I'm happy to know you better, Hà Xuân! Had no idea you loved dogs so...Biam is adorable! It's fun to learn how many of us (blog friends) have the shorthand skills i common! Today, the kids are experts at 'texting'!
I love the pic of you and hubby and am glad you participated in this Meme! Have a wonderful weekend ;)

Nell Jean said...

I think the 7 things meme has reached most of us in gardening blogs. Enjoyed yours.

The young lady from Taiwan who used to cut my hair learned English by watching the daily stories on TV that we call 'Soap Operas.'

I loved Archie and Jughead and Veronica and Betty when I was a teenager! I identified with Veronica, except we weren't rich. Maybe it was the dark hair.

Kris said...

Hi Ha Xuan (sorry, still don't know how to put accents over letters). I, too, learned shorthand as a teen and could take dictation up to 80 wpm back then. While I don't use that talent anymore, I still type very very fast. :-D I enjoyed your 7 revelations and the pictures.

Hà Xuân said...

Hey, isn't it wonderful that we share the same "talens" like shorthand, typing and "interest" like Archie comics!
I'm so happy to know you, my blogger friends.
Kris, you don't have to worry about the accents over the letters in my name, it's quite OK without the accents, too.
Thank you, Lynn, Nell, and Kris for taking the time to get to know me.