Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcoming blooms

As soon as the car stopped to drop me off at the front gate when I returned to TSV this morning, I was welcomed with this.

With ligh rain every day, these vine looks their best in summer time. Don't you like those hanging vines with the orange blooms?
I was also greeted by the cosmos, which is a faithful self-seeder I have here. Their blooms always look cheerful in the morning sun.

The wild rose on the arbor also tried to say "Hi". This is one of the few roses that I have planted in TSV. Although it does have black spots, it produces clusters of blooms that look very very pretty. I hope after this rainy season, the canes will completely cover the arbor. Then I will cut back the water shoots to encourage side growths and blooms.

A little further in the back of the yard, I have a 'look-alike' morning glory, which a friend on GW identified it as "Grandpa Tot". But it has 'split' leaves instead of the 'round' leaves I normally see in morning glory plants on the net. So I don't really know if it is a 'true' morning glory or not. Anyway, the blooms look similar, don't they?

Although I have to travel long hours (7 hrs) to reach TSV every other week, my weariness disappears when I see all the blooms in my garden.


lynn'sgarden said...

OMG! What a welcoming sight at your front that a trumpet vine? It's softer shade of orange then the one I had...which I took out (too big) but I'm still digging out suckers five years later! It's a bee magnet isn't it.
Have you looked into blotanical yet? Would love to see you on there! Have a beautiful week.

Hà Xuân said...

Lynn, it's not trumpet vine, thanks goodness. Someone on GW gave me its name some time ago, but I've forgotten already (hit my head for that!)
Oh, thank you for reminding me about blotanical.