Friday, July 10, 2009

New hoya blooms

It's Hoya kerrii (plain).
I got this plant as cuttings last year and this is the very first time it blooms for me. I'm exceedingly happy about this because I have been wanting it so badly.

The blooms look like chocolate cake decorations. Yum!

But, in spite of the big leaves, the blooms are small as compared to those of carnosa or pubicalyx. And there's no scent either!

Well, you cannot have everything at once, can you?


lynn'sgarden said...

Hà Xuân, that plant is from a cutting..just last year?? The bloom is gorgeous, too bad about the 'no scent' part. It reminds me of a polymer clay design since it looks rubbery. HOw long do the blooms last? I 've been on the lookout for hoyas when I visit greenhouses now :)

Hà Xuân said...

Yes, Lynn. The plant is from a cutting I bought at a roadside market last year. It's quick, isn't it? I keep this one in Dalat, so perhaps, it likes the cool weather there. The blooms can last very long, mostly over a week to two weeks.
The sister cutting to this plant, in my Saigon home, is still not doing anything!
Many hoyas are very fragrant, especially carnosa, pubicalyx, or obscura. Their scent is very sweet and I think you will like it.
Be careful, you will get addicted to hoyas in no time! LOL... but it's good addiction, tho!