Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My entry gate planting

Vietnamese people like to live behind fence and entry gate. I guess this is the result of all the turmoils that our country has been through in history. We are the same: we have fence around our properties and high entry gates to our homes.
To soften the hash look, we plant climbing vines over the gates.
In our main home, ĐGT, we have bougainvilla climbing over the gate arbor. This plant thrives on neglect in our climate: the more neglect the more blooms we have, especially in the dry season.

We have both white and pink bougainvillas on the gate there.

In our second home, TSV, we have pyrostegia venusta.

These days, the blooms almost covered the whole gate.

When I come back to our homes from outside and see the blooms on the gate, I just feel warm all over! It's the look of home.


lynn'sgarden said...

Hà Xuân, these are the prettiest entries to any home! I did learn (the hard way) neglect is what bougs. thrive on...kind of like hibiscus. And that flame vine is amazing! Looks very much like a trumpet vine at a distance.

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Lynn. This kind of vine (Pyrostegia venusta) is not as invasive as trumpet vine :-). It's quite safe to have.

NellJean said...

Your gates are beautiful. What a welcome home you get when you drive up.

You asked about using my Datura pic, of course you may.