Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My wind chimes

According to feng-shui, wind chime is used to bring auspicous "chi" to your home. In Vietnam, I see people hang wind chimes not so often at home but at fabric stalls in the market! Perhaps, they wish to have good business or perhaps the sound of the wind chime might make them stay awake on slow business days!
I've got inspired by Melanie's post on her blog (Old Country Garden) re the use of wind chime in the garden. I bought two of them: one to hang at my back porch, the other to hang on one of the trees in my garden.

You just imagine: every morning I would have my coffee sitting on the porch and enjoy life as it comes to this little and remote corner of the world. The air is cool all the year round here so the coffee keeps me warm, while I look in the distance and behold the view beyond, all this time listening to the sound of the wind chime!

Life is good!
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NellJean said...

The wind chime was delightful, as if I'd been to visit your porch.

Even better was the water wheel, fascinating. I've seen water wheels in this country for grinding corn.

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Nell. Also, I see that wind chime is two-word. Must correct myself...:-)

EJ said...

I think wind chimes are great in every outdoor space like a garden but you should see these wind spinners, they're positively dazzling!