Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amaryllis pollination

This hippis season I decided to cross pollinate my plants.
I have in blooms Baby star, Red star, Vittatum and Royal velvet. So I made the first three "donors" and Royal velvet the "receiver".
The three donors all have "stripes" on them and the "receiver" is a dark, solid red. I hope the babies would look nice in some ways, whatever ways, since I don't have many varieties so any results would be great!
Photos of the donors:

and the receiver:

Last year I tried "selfed" Royal velvet and it did give me plump seed pods. However, I didn't use all the seeds because RV is just red with nothing special about it. Also, RV is abundant in the market.

If things turn out right, I'll have some "rare" varieties. Whoa... great prospect, isn't it?


Kris said...

How exciting indeed! I wonder what the 'babies' might look like. It's like painting with petals. Good luck! Keep us posted. :-D

Hà Xuân said...

Yeah, Kris. It's very exciting especially if the pollination is successful. It will take from two to three years for the seedlings to bloom. I'm watching for the seed pods now.