Saturday, March 7, 2009


It rains again!
The weather is odd that it rained a couple of times during the last ten days. Not the usual torrent rain of the rainny season but still enough downpour to clean the air and refreshen the plants in my garden.
Only yesterday these plants still looked "dirty" from all the dust of workmen working on our backyard fence, just after the light rain, everything looks much greener and lush.

The front yard also looks better after the rain as my husband has just mowed the lawn.

The rain has caused the frangipani dropping some of its blooms onto the ground.

Even the gravel driveway and the entrance gate look much cleaner after the rain.

I always like rain. Do you?


Kris said...

Goodness! Your grounds and gardens are so lush and lovely. One can image guests and visitors touring there on holiday. How absolutely beautiful!

Funny you should mention rain. It started around midnight last night (almost 12 hours ago) and still falling. Over 1" already in the rain gauge and more to come. At least it's not snow and I won't have to shovel it. Yay!

Hà Xuân said...

Thank you, Kris, for the praise re my garden.
Oh, so you had rain, too? Spring is definitely around the corner, I guess.