Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I like the shape of the artichoke plant so much that when I saw my neighbor growing one, I couldn't help but begged for a seedling. Then the seedling came and I planted it in my veggies patch last summer.

This year, it produced five huge blooms!

Artichoke can only be grown in Dalat and it's considered one of those "specialties" of this region. It's said that the plant can help purify the blood, doing good to the liver, and as such can also beautify one's skin.

People here make use of the whole plant: the blooms and the stalks are used for cooking, the leaves and the stems, and even the roots, are used to make tea.

I grow my plant for enjoyment only. It looks good when not in bloom but also looks good when in bloom, too. These blooms have been on the plant for almost a month now but I don't want to cut off. They are so huge, so healthy looking.
But as with other plants producing blooms on the growing tips, this artichoke will soon finish off its life cycle and other pups will replace the mother plant.


Kris said...

Do you ever eat any of the artichoke hearts? They are delicious...:-D Otherwise, I would love to see what they look like when they bloom.

Hà Xuân said...

Artichoke hearts? I don't know what you refer to but I guess it's the head?
In fact, my plants have bloomed and the pics showed them.