Monday, March 2, 2009

Big joy!

Big joy for me!
I found my species orchids greeted me back to Tuysonvien with a lot of blooms when I came out to the shade house this morning.
Look at these blooms. Aren't they spectacular?

These "species" orchids normally blooms at the beginning of the dry season. And here are what they have rewarded me for taking care of them last year.
I bought these last season when they were in their last stage of blooming and didn't look so good. It's a pity I cannot have their names in English so I can list here.

I've asked around for the English name of some of my "species" orchids and most of the time I either got none or several suggestions for names so that I got confused!

Perhaps, someone who visits my blog may be able to help me identify. But whether they are named or noid, they bring the same joy and pride to me! Thanks to them, I find happiness everyday.


Kris said...

What a lovely cascade of creamy yellow blossoms! Kind of reminds me of the daffodils that may bloom in my yard if this winter every makes way for spring. Only 8 degrees today. Brrrr. So I'm enjoying the spring-like pics on your blog!

Hà Xuân said...

You're very welcome to view my blooms, Kris. We're having very nice weather in Tuysonvien these days (19C), but in our Saigon home, it's very hot!
How can't we just mix things up to a lovely "climate" and share around?!

Anonymous said...

How lovely all your plants are.