Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring in Summer

Since every other blogger on the Northern Hemisphere was talking about Spring, I couldn't help but looked closer at my plants to see if they 'had felt' anything. So this morning I went outside with my camera and voila... my plants do feel 'the Spring', too.
First, I found my scadoxus bulb has awaken from its sleep. The bulb looks so plump I hope the bloom will be huge this year.

Next, the bloom-ladden wrightia plants around our home. For a few weeks now Dangiatrang has been filled with a sweet scent in the evening. I don't know what has caused it but these plants seem to have more blooms this year and the scent is so obvious that even my husband, who often complains of a "dead" nose, has noticed it!

Then this one vine, Rangoon creeper - another scented plant - has also beginning to show off its pretty face.

Now I can 'see' spring coming through the plants in my garden despite the fact that the sun is shining fiercely and we are sweating in the steaming heat.

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