Friday, March 27, 2009

Update on the daylily seed sprouts

I could finally pot the daylily seed sprouts after almost a month. All the six varieties have sprouted and I'm extremely happy with this result.

I've tried to locate the photos that Annette sent me with her email but somehow I could not find it. Don't know what I have done with the email and the attachment! Now I will search the net for the photo of my varieties.
Anyway, all the potted seedlings still looked good after being in their new homes for two days. I hope they will grow well in my garden. It's said that seedlings will reach maturity and bloom in two years time. Maybe they will bloom sooner as they don't have to undergo cold winter in Tuysonvien.
I will plant these seedlings in the garden when the rainy season comes in two months' time. Then they will have plenty of moisture to grow well. What I must do now is prepare the soil for them.

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