Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My hoyas

Finally I have some blooms from my 'jungle' NOID hoyas.
I tentatively I called this one "Latifolia" due to its similarity to the hoya Latifolia I checked on the net. But now that it has bloomed, I hope someone from GW can help me get its proper ID.

And this one is a brand new NOID, i.e. I couldn't even find one like it on the net.

I also have others named hoyas in bloom, too.
That is the Hoya Obscura. I bought this one last year while it was blooming. But after the first show, it stopped producing peduncles. So I moved it up to Tuysonvien and now it has beginning a new show of blooms again. It seems to have liked the cool weather here.

My Hoya Carnosa (ordinary) is a faithful bloomer for me.

Like the Obscura above, this Pachyclada refused to bloom in Saigon, so I had to move it up. And now, I have two peduncles on this one. It's a little weird that the buds on this peduncle developed at different stages: while some are already blooming, others are still tiny!

Finally, this last hoya has blooms that look like those of a Krimson Queen but I don't see any variegated leaf on it. Maybe it's a reverted KQ?

My living room is filled with hoya fragrance in the evening nowadays. Very sweet!


Hort Log said...

About your unknown Hoya: Did the white flowers turn red just before dropping off or was it the other way round ?

I agree it looks like the latifolia I have.

Hà Xuân said...

No, the flowers didn't turn red before dropping. I don't remember clearly.
What about yours?