Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Day at Tuysonvien - Translated from the Vietnamese post

I made this post in Vietnamese on Jan 1. Since some friends from GW have shown great interest in the landscape around Tuysonvien, I thought I should translate that post into English so they can read what I wrote about those two landscape photos.

"Today's the first day of the new year, it's dry but very windy! The vegetable fields on the other side of the valley have passed their harvest time so no one was seen working there.

There're not many homesteads around here, not many inhabitants, not much traffic so even if it's holiday or weekend, life is calm. If there wasn't for the light breeze to wave the plants, one could think it's a still-life painting!

To me, it's paradise on earth!"


Kris said...

Xuan - Thank you for posting these pics in English. The countryside is just lovely - all those hills and terraces. I clicked on the pictures to see them larger and I felt like I was standing on top of a nearby hill. Way nicer than the ice and snow and bitter cold hereabouts right now. ;-)

P.S. Hey, much easier to post in English now. My last post was 'hit and miss' trying to use the Vietnamese labels. *heh*

Hà Xuân said...

Kris, I'm glad you liked the photos. I'll share more with you as I blog.
I also like to see photos of your snow landscape, your garden, plants... etc. Please do share.


Cecily said...

Wow ... this place is beautiful and serene too.
You should run a guest house here for people who love nature and cool climate to stay for a couple of weeks.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog here too :-)