Monday, January 12, 2009

My new cymbidium

I bought a new cymbidium from a friend today. Again, it's a NOID.
The plant has been exposed to too much sun so the leaves looked pale. But it was having 3 spikes and I like the color of the bloom so just for a mere $10, I got it.

When I got it home, I decided to repot it into new medium and a new pot. I found its roots to be quite good but they were going downhill and soon would rot if not repotted promptly enough. Anyway, it took me nearly an hour to unpot the plant, remove all the old medium and wash the roots. (Not many roots clung to the medium, however?!)
I used to be afraid that repotting a plant in bloom would make its buds blast or the blooms wilt, but no! I did it a couple of times in the past, first due to ignorance, but nothing happened to the initiating spikes. So I was very confident to go ahead with this cym.
After removing all the old medium, it was too late to pot it up, so I wrapped the roots up to keep them from drying. Meanwhile I put the pine bark I prepared in water to soak overnight.

New entry: Jan 13

This morning, I potted the plant. The new medium were soaked through and looked good. I had a little difficulty getting all the roots into the pot and though the pot could hold all the roots, it didn't leave much room for potting medium.

Anyway, I tried to cramp in as much medium as I could. After each filling with the medium, I picked up the pot and pounded it against the floor many times so that the medium could get further down, filling the openings in the root mess. I did that a number of times and this is how my new cym looks, after repotting.

This cym is not going to be watered again for the next two week 'cause I'm going to bring it inside. I hope during that time, the roots would heal off any wounds and when I'm up to Tuysonvien again after two weeks, it would be able to take in normal watering.
And I hope the blooms will stay put to greet me New Year, too!

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