Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Me, my family, and my plants

It's funny, I feel more comfortable talking about personal stuffs in English than in Vietnamese. When I speak/write in English, I assume myself among "westerners" who could be more tolerant to others and so I feel "freer" to express myself!
I just started this English page this morning, thanks to the help of a member of the Cottage Forum on GardenWeb. I have wanted to write in English, too, but I didn't want to have a different blog and then have everything mixed up! But this "extra page thing" is quite neat, it just gives me the right tool to realize my wants!
Ok, a bit about myself.
I'm now a retiree (correct word?). I used to be an English teacher at college, then a freelance management trainer. (But sometime a non-native English teacher can make stupid mistakes in word choice and grammar, too. So please excuse me if you come across language errors!) I have retired completely from work since June 2008. Now I spend almost all my time at home, taking care of my husband, my 4 dogs, and a bunch of plants!
I got married to my husband in 1971 when we were still at college! We have 2 daughters, both are married now, but haven't got any grandchildren yet! (Wish that could be soon, though!) Here's a photo of me and hubby.

I started gardening when we moved into our main home in Thu Duc, Saigon, Vietnam in 1994.

I also have another home in Tuyson, Dalat where I can grow many cool regions plants, too. (We named our place in Dalat Tuysonvien, which is also the name of my blog!)

My gardening experience was kind like hit-or-miss until I found GardenWeb in 2005. I've learned many things through the various forums on that great web site. I've also made many friends the world over!
I grow many different kinds of plants, from orchids, to hoyas, to tillandsias, to annuals and perennials. I'm still learning my ways but I'm happy that my plants are thriving.
Many people who know me around here often ask if I feel bored not working full time any more! Well, no, not a bit. On the contrary, I'm now enjoying my life to the fullest, thanks to the Internet and thanks to my plants!


Kris said...

You spent a lot of effort making it easy for us to enjoy your blog. Great job. Thanks for sharing your gardens with us in English. I look forward to visiting often. You rock! :-)

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Kris. I own it all to you, dear friend! Please come visit whenever you have some time and want to look at distant places!

Anonymous said...

Hi Co Xuan,

It's me, Thuy. (Giang + Thuy from Thanh Da, Bao Quyen's friend). How are you doing? I love your garden. You DO have a green thumb! I have my garden, too. (only roses and herbs). Wish I can visit your garden... Please send my regards to Chu.