Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another new orchid - Miltonia

Went plant shopping yesterday and a Miltonia followed me home!
Miltonia was not my favorite orchid due to its "showy" blooms. I tend not to like orchids with showy blooms, like Cattleya or Vanda, so for a long time I never bought any of these, unlike I was gifted! (Who could resist a free orchid anyway!)
But yesterday I was fascinated by the sweet fragrance of this particular Miltonia. So, eventho the plant had only one stalk with 4 blooms in their final days, I bought it! Now I have to learn to take care of Miltonia, hoping that it will reward me with more blooms next season.
Oh boy, with this rate of purchase, I might end up getting broke real soon!

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