Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My phal revives!

It's ok now, the phal that I had cut all the roots to make the "neck" shorter has finally grown some new roots! All I have to do now is to nurse it back to full life and bloom. Perhaps it might take a year, but what's the heck!
This is the 911 phal! When I first rescued it, although it looked quite lust, the leaves were suffering from something so that it looked like dehydrated. But it had very good root system - there were so many roots that the stem was pushed way up the pot.

After it'd done blooming, I cut off all the roots, although they were quite healthy (!) so that I could lower the stem to create balance as well as to help it get a new start. For the past few months, I hung it at my kitchen window and carefully watched it. Just yesterday, I found it has grown new roots! Wow... I feel so happy for having rescued this plant!

As always, patience is the key!
PS: Thanks to Kris for helping me create this page in English so that I can share my garden "talks" with friends.

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