Saturday, January 10, 2009

It looks like Spring!

It's not sunny, not rainny,
just a light breeze
to stir my memory!
Don't know who those verses (in Vietnamese) belong to but I have known them by heart since my maiden days. And whenever the weather is like what we're having these days, I like to murmur the verses to myself eventhough I don't miss anyone! I'm being 'romantic', ain't I?!?!
Hubby's "mai" bonsai tree has produced a nice bloom this morning. What a good thing I didn't try to strip all the leaves earlier on to induce blooms; otherwise, we might not have "mai" blooms for Tet even if we celebrate Tet one day earlier in our home! Sometime I think our marriage is a perfect harmony of the "impulsiveness" of mine and the "thoughfulness" of his. We complement each other nicely, don't we?!?!

My OS hippeastrum is showing its vigor in having 4 blooms on the second scape. But the blooms are not open yet. Maybe they will tomorrow, or later today.

The RL hippeastrum is still developing its scapes slowly. I have moved it to a sunnier place to help the scapes grow faster, hoping to have blooms ontime for Tet.
In the kitchen, my pot of pickled veggies is turning a nice, golden hue with a crispy taste that makes me wanting to cook some pork stew to go with it, like we usually have for Tet!

It seems Spring is screeping into my garden and my kitchen!

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