Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Edna's hippeastrum thru the years

This hippastrum is very special to me in many ways.
Firstly, it was given to me by Edna, a friend I know via Garden Web only to find out later that she was living right in the same city where our daughter was then: Walnut Creek, California!
Secondly, this hippeastrum has started another new "addiction" of mine in plants! At Christmas time 2006, I was there looking after my daughter's home and pet dog while she was visiting her hubby in 'Nam. So, literally I was "home alone" and the plant really kept me company.

When I returned home in Summer 2007, I brought the bulb back. I've learnt to force hippeastrum to bloom for the holidays, so I did with the bulb. And in Christmas 2007, I had some blooms from the plant.

This year, again, the plant gives out beautiful blooms to greet the New Year! It grows stronger every year as does our friendship!

Thanks, Edna. I always remember you!

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