Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tillandsia Pauciflora and Caput medusa purple

These are the two tillies that are actually blooming at the moment.
These kinds of plants live in air, obsorbing everything they need to grow from the air, so "air", or more specific, air circulation is very important to them.

I hang them outside so they can enjoy as much rain and sunshine as they can. It has been merely a year and now they are blooming.

Just like other bromeliads, blooming sets the ending of the mother tilly's life. I'm expecting pups now.


Stephanie said...

Wow Ha Xuan, this is one interesting plant! Btw, like other bromeliads, they only blooms one time but I didn't know that the plant will die too after blooming. I hope the pups will grow faster then :-)

lynn'sgarden said...

I'm glad these are rewarding you with blooms ;) I especially like the red/purple one! How long will they last?

Hà Xuân said...

They don't last very long, Lynn. Each bloom lasts for one to two days, depending on the weather, I guess. But then the "stalk" (?) has many "buds" (?) so you have blooms every day. Glad you like it.
Steph: the mother plant will eventually die down. But sometime it can stay on for quite a while.
By the way, I have one pup on the Bulbosa, two on the Butzii, one two on the Ionantha already... :-o).