Monday, October 12, 2009

I learned a new thing today

I've noticed that each time I upload an image onto my blog page, the image goes right into the corresponding Picasa Web album. Since I have two blog pages, the image sometimes is uploaded twice and appears in both albums. Consequently, the storage limit gets full very quickly. I figure there must be a way to "re-use" the images that were uploaded onto Picasa, so I searched and Yes, there's a way!
Here's how it works should you want to use a photo which is already in your Picasa web album in your blog.
Step 1- go to your Picasa web album account;
Step 2- click on the album where you have the photo stored;
Step 3- click on the photo you want to use to open up;
Step 4- click "Link to this photo" on the right hand side of the window;
Step 5- click "Embed image", then copy the code in the box;
Step 6- go back to your blog page, click on "Edit Html" and paste the copied code where you want the photo to appear;
Step 7- click "Preview" to see if your photo is there on your blog page;
Step 8- click "Compose" and continue blogging.
I tried and it worked. But the photo uploaded this way will show the source (From...), like this.

From Blogger Pictures
Anyway, it will help save your storage on Picasa.
Good luck.


Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing. I realised I always go by the easy way. Have a pleasant evening!

Nell Jean said...

Check the little box just under where you copy the code and the source note will not be included.