Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Then & Now

I like to look at "before" and "after" photos of plants to see how things grow. So here, I will post photos of some of my container plantings showing when they were first planted and now, after a few months.
This is my Euphorbia franaganii planting, back in August.

And this is it, now.

Here's how my "succulent fountain" looked when first planted in July.

And here it is now.

Finally, here's my Serissa foetida's "before" photo.

And now. (I have removed the ground cover and replaced with moss.)

Don't you think they all look gorgeous after just a month or two? Exactly as Kris at The Gardens at Melissa Majora has put it, you can always find changes in the plants you grow, even when you return to them the next day.


Stephanie said...

I like your contrasting (small and big) plants idea in one pot ;-) The moss really made a better ground cover. That Serissa looks very slow growing. And I like the little purple blooms also. Very good choice for a bonsai.

Hà Xuân said...

Thanks, Steph. Actually, I didn't intend for the Serissa to be a bonsai but I don't mind either for it to become one :-o). The pinkish little blooms are so adorable!