Thursday, October 29, 2009

Full House

When my potted plants bloom, I like to bring them inside to enjoy them up close. And these days my living room is full of blooming gals.
My African violets have always resided indoors, on my kitchen counter.

Joining the AVs are many others. The best in show, this week, is a hybrid cymbidium. I must say that this gal is a faithful bloomer, almost to the exact date. Last year it opened the first bloom on October 18 and this year, October 17. Incredible isn't it?

Secondly, another NOID cymbidium. Although the color of the bloom is totally different from what it has been before, I still enjoy the spikes as well.

Then came the oncidiums, also NOIDs. (You must know by now that plant sellers in Vietnam never care to give name tags to the plants they sell!). My yellow oncidium (could be some kind of Bellerina?) with its giant flowering stalk. This oncidium blooms quite easily and regularly for me, though.

And then another oncidium (or something else?) with dark red color.

Next is my Thanksgiving cactus with its second show of bloom. This is an old cultivar (or species?) and normally blooms twice a year.

My Tillandsia cyanea is still going strong. I have detached three of the pups so there're now only three in the pot.

So, that's what're blooming this week in my little corner of the world. What is blooming for you there?


Stephanie said...

Ha Xuan, wonderful blooms and plants you have here! I like the way you used the trays for your African Violets :-D Are cymbidiums hardier plant than ground orchids? or is it the reverse? But should be for the cooler climate right? At my garden, only the faithful flowers are blooming i.e. desert rose, euphorbia milii & ixora. Our nurseries here also do not have IDs of their plants! The most they can let you know is the genus or family name... sigh :-(

Hà Xuân said...

hi Steph, I think cymbidiums are hardier of the two, but I'm not sure. One thing I'm positive is that cymbidiums are cool region plants.
The AVs are on wick, Steph.You see, they're indoors and I'm not here all the time, wicking is the way for them to get watered.
Nurseries here are worse, they name plants according to their resemblance of something else, so that the Tillandsia cyanea is called "Ba Tieu Fan"...hehehe... as the flower stalk looks like a "fan"! Sigh!

Stephanie said...

Tq for the details Ha Xuan. Your wick method is definitely helpful if go holiday and not around for a period of time. Oh, so that means you put fertiliser in the water and not direct into the soil of the AV? Btw, we have those kind of nurseries here as well :-D And your holiday cacti is wonderful.