Thursday, October 22, 2009

My pitcher plants

All four of my nepenthes are pitchering nicely. I think they are liking this rainy season.
Ventrata is perhaps the best in show with many pitchers.

Then next is Rafflesiana. Though it only has two pitchers at the moment, its pitchers are the largest and most colorful.

Thirdly is Bicalcarata. I like to look at the green, round pitchers.

And lastly, the Thorelii. Two weeks ago, I applied some VF-11 to its leaves to promote leaf growth. Now I have a few pitchers on the plant.

A group shot, minus Ventrata.

My hubby keeps teasing me about these plants as "funny looking". Do you think they are funny? I don't. I think they are very "cute"!


Stephanie said...

Yes they are really funny! Have things hanging down like those jester hats ;-)

Ha Xuan, you really have a nice collection here. I like that Rafflesiana the most! Btw, I see that you use quite a big pot for the plants. Is this mandatory? I have also heard that the pot size should not be too big, otherwise the plant would not grow out pitchers. And does the pitcher gives some smell? Sorry to be so precise here... I hope you don't mind me asking.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hà Xuân said...

Oh, no, not at all, Steph.
I see why you wonder about the pot size. Yes, normally, we know that the pot size should not be so much bigger than the plant rootball, but in the case of nepenthes, the "experts" said that nepenthes like to be in big pots! And my plants seem to like their big "houses". Incredible, isn't it?
You have the same wonderful weekend, too.