Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lavender water-lily

I had three water-lilies planted in big containers for several years in my "tropical" garden. The plants got out-of-hand but the containers were so big I could not change the mud in it to make the plants look decent.
Last month I had some help to re-do the containers. This time, I did not planted the water lilies directly in the mud-filled containers. Instead, I chose some best-looking shoots and potted them in smaller pots using sand as the medium. Then I dropped the pots into the containers filled with water only. I figured doing it that way would make it easier for me to change the water or the medium when the time comes later.
Just about three weeks passed and the lilies have adapted well to their new growing environment. Two of them have set buds and two of the buds bloomed this morning.

I like water-lily for their blooming habit. Once a water-lily reaches maturity and begins to bloom, it will continously produce at least one bloom each day. The bloom has a pleasant smell, too, which is a plus.

I have several small fish in each of the containers to keep mozzies at bay. Each morning when we are outside on the deck, we feed the fish, then have our coffees while enjoying the plants. Life is good!


lynn'sgarden said...

Water lilies are the main reason I want a water garden, Ha Xuan...just need to find the time to start digging! Maybe I should get a large tub like yours ;) Coffee on the deck surrounded by your beautiful garden...heaven!

Hà Xuân said...

I think a water garden is a good addition to any garden. And water lily is a must-have, I guess.
I hope you can have a water garden soon.