Monday, April 20, 2009

Now that the rain is here

Now that the rain is here, everything in my gardens looks greener and more vibrant. And some have come into their peak blooming season, like the Rangoon creeper vine and the agapanthus.
Others - roses, hydrangeas, fuchsias, daisies, cosmos...- are year-round bloomers here, but they are more lovely when the rain comes.
These are the "wild" roses that I grow from cuttings. People here use the "wild" roses as the source for grafting of hybrid roses, but I didn't know how to graft so I let them grow as they wish. These roses are quite perfumed and bloom the year round. I don't prune them much, except for a few branches that get into the way. Friends visiting at my home would get the rose petals extract to wash their face with!
These rose below is a "hybrid", but I don't know its names. It's not as "easy" as those wild but it has stayed for three years now and bloomed regularly, too. I sure like its dark red color.

Fuchsias are very easy for me, I grow them from cuttings. It normally takes about a week for them to root, in soil or in water. They keep growing tall and become lanky so that I want to prune them back... But my husband insists on letting them as they are! My husband is 'funny' in ways that he never wants to prune anything!
Shasta daisies multiplies like mad and cosmos self-seeds everywhere in my garden! I use them as cut flowers when I have visitors staying at Tuysonvien.

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J.C. said...

I always love it when it rains. As you said, everything in the garden grows more vibrantly!

The purple blooms are in abundance in your garden. What do you call it? I have seen it growing in Genting Highlands (a highland resort in Malaysia). I believe it needs cool weather to grow, right?