Saturday, April 18, 2009


This photo shows the east side of my home and the upper part of the retaining rock wall after I have cleared it off the weeds which seemed to have invaded my garden during the last dry season. Now, after a few rains, the soil has become soft enough for me to pull them up easily. So I did!

I started, thinking I would only do a small patch. But then I ended up pulling all those ugly-looking weeds in the "sunken yard", in the openings between the rocks on the retaining wall, and the sloping side yard. Now my whole body ached!

We have an electric-operated grass-cutter, but only my husband can use it. And he is seldom here! So this was all I could do the last two days!


Kris said...

How funny. Everyone on the WS forum right now is complaining about how we all are aching from the spring cleanup in our garden beds, the weeding, and planting out of so many new flowers. It must be that time of year. You're pains are in good company. ;-D

Hà Xuân said...

Hahaha... 'pain in good company'... how right! And we love getting all these pains, don't we?
How about you, Kris?

Kris said...

I hurt good too! And there is still so much more to do, but it will be worth the efforts. It doesn't hurt as bad when you are doing something you like to do, right? :-D